ASPEXS is the official ex-students' association duly recognized by the school. Since its inception in 1996, ASPEXS has grown commendably, boasting now of a well established membership across the country and abroad.

ASPEXS regularly organizes annual reunions, which have evoked massive enthusiasm and have grown into an eagerly anticipated event in the city's social calendar.

Part of the proceeds from these events go towards fulfillment of the charitable objectives of the association which include our sustained efforts to provide education and basic literacy to the underprivileged children. ASPEXS needs support from all pointers in this endeavor.
This site is made by the pointers, for all the pointers and is sponsored by thepointers!!

JOIN ASPEXS and make the site a grand success.

president voice

For the past 26 years since its formation in 1996, ASPEXS has strived to foster the “symbiotic” relation of the alumni (Pointers) with the alma mater (South Point High School). It has unfailingly nurtured the sense of belonging and pride that both feel for each other. It has also successfully provided a ready platform for interaction amongst the generations of South Point pass-outs in the 68 years of the School’s existence, and at the same time, connecting ex-students with their school teachers. I am confident that in coming years, ASPEXS will continue to deliver on these fronts with more vigour and be a support system for Pointers for life.

Proud to be a Pointer!

Krishna Damani
MP 1987 HS 1989
President, ASPEXS since 1996





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