• About US

    The ASPEXS Medics group is a group comprising alumni of South Point High School, who are health care professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses and other allied professionals, as well as health entrepreneurs).

    It has been set up in November 2022 and functions as a wing of the main ASPEXS organisation. 

    Aims & Objectives:

    • To disseminate scientific knowledge among members by means of CME,  seminars, webinars and other such academic activity. 
    • To create health awareness among students, teachers and other staff of the schools
    • To organise health camps for the benefit of students, teachers, alumni  & their families
    • To help students in career counselling related to healthcare
    • To act as a platform to express and encourage socio-cultural activities among the members
  • Committee


    Dr Partha Pratim Gupta President


    Dr Jyotirup Goswami Convenor


    Dr Raghu Sachindra Rao


    Dr Kaushik Sil


    Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee


    Dr Shubhra Chattopadhyay

    Invited Members:

    Maitrayee Mallick


    Partha Pratim Bannerjee ASPEXS

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    A Network of Medical Innovators

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  • Health Information

    Cancer - A Background

    What is a Tumor?

    A Tumor is the name for a lump usually solid and formed by an abnormal growth of cells (Termed Neoplastic). It often looks like a swelling. Tumor is not synonymous with Cancer.

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  • Planned Activities

    • Regular health camps and awareness sessions.
    • Career counseling and Hospital observerships for students.
    • Basic Life Support course for staff. This will plug a crucial lacuna & will be repeated periodically.
  • News

    Medics Activity
  • Ask Medics

    Connect with us for medical assistance, and we'll be swift in providing the help you seek.

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