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Proud to be a Pointer,
Not that the annual reunion is a reminder,
as we feel in every pulse beat of our life
and the hype on which we thrive.

Good times waxing and waning
With teachers yelling
to bring out the best in us,
over which we sometimes made a fuss!

With the discipline and training which we imbibed,
to the frontiers that we climbed
in all walks of life
with each breath that we sigh!

The golden words of teachers
harping on the fondest chords of memory,
have embellished every petal as it unfolds life`s untold story.
Author : Sreechandra Banerjee
(HS '83, Section-D )
The view out the window

On a cold January morning,
I arrived in Office humming,
And on chords of memory, strumming.

Being seated, out the window I looked,
The view caught me hooked.
Seemed like in a submarine I was booked.

Dense fog all around
On eleventh floor above the ground,
As if in deep sea I am found.

Gradually the fog disappeared,
Azure blue sky appeared,
In work I got geared.

To break the monotony, now and then,
And to relieve myself of neck pain
I look out from this den.

Feathered birds flying high
'I wish I could fly',
With humility I often sigh!

Winged aeroplanes passing by,
Netaji Subhas airport is nearby.
'Bon voyage' I often cry!

Many home bound travelers in the plane,
Travelers away from home, with looks so vain!
Telling the airlines from the tail, it's a game!

Sometimes when the rains
Lashes the window panes,
The mind, with gray color, it does stain!

As the day rolls by, the birds go home,
My mind tends to roam,
Amidst dreams forming a tapestry of foams!
But my home is far away,
So when I call it a day,
Have to traverse a long way!!
Author : Sreechandra Banerjee
(HS '83, Section-D )
Monsoon Melodies

Dark nimbus clouds have now shrouded the late afternoon sky. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore: "Clouds heap upon clouds and it darkens".

These clouds probably herald the advent of the monsoons. The advancing waves of the southwest monsoons beckon the waves of the memory lane, intensified by the mild fragrance of the blooming jasmine kept aside in a corner on the verandah. Oh, unbearable! Monsoon always strikes the saddest chords of memory. Ragini Devi comes back to her room from the verandah.

She starts looking for her old music books. These are now her only assets in this old home. She remembered to bring them with her when she left her house. Whatever she had learnt, all the Ragas and Raginis, Rabindrasangeets, Nazrulgeetis had all been carefully noted down. How much she had wished to become a singer. Her mother had named her 'Ragini' with such aspiration. Nothing materialized. But her son, her only son Ashim is now a renowned singer.

No, today she will not think about Ashim ...

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Author : Sreechandra Banerjee
(HS '83, Section-D )
An Oasis

Ballari was tired after the journey. The heat of this arid land had taken its toll. It had taken almost five hours to travel from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer and it was quite hot even in mid February. Nevertheless she had enjoyed traveling with Aranyo after a long time.

The last time that they had been on vacation together, was their honeymoon. It was almost a decade now ..

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Author : Sreechandra Banerjee
(HS '83, Section-D )
Saga of a Saturnine Murder

Crrink, crrink, the telephone rang again.

Lina was scared to pick up the receiver again.

-“ Hello”,

- “Madam, the job done was not good. We will either kill you or your husband”.

The receiver on the other side had already been hung up. The same voice had rung her up twice before. The same message had been conveyed. It was almost eleven ’o clock in the night and Atalanto was still busy in his chamber. What to do?

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Author : Sreechandra Banerjee
(HS '83, Section-D )
Progress Report

Sayak, a Class XI student of Springdale’s High School was bewildered taking a look at his annual exam report card. Physics 42, Maths 27, Chemistry 21 –he could not take any more glances at it. His preparation was not bad except for the pox that affected him just prior to the exams. A bad gang of friends in his neighborhood with whom he became pal in recent times also contributed to the misery. When he realized the true character of those drugs-affected new acquaintances of his, it was a trifle late.

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Author : Kallol Kumar Basu
(HS 2000, Section-H )
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