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Fellow members are requested not to open a thread on another member. Not all members are comfortable with an online discussion going on about him / her without his / her consent. Any such thread runs the risk of deletion without prior intimation.
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INDIA - 20-20 World Champions !!Debashish26/09/20076
kichudin likhbo naDefensive26/09/20077
cricket's middle-classDefensive26/09/20072
chenra jamaDefensive12/09/20074
kobita - probashi bhai bon der jonnoDefensive10/09/20078
dash da-r cha-er dokanDefensive08/09/20074
Help Gaurav 1990 MadhyamikSUBHADIP07/09/20076
boshonto utshobDefensive05/09/20076
kokilgonj-er bokulDefensive03/09/20075
USA te ke kothae acho/achis?Arindam29/08/200711
Graduating class of '69Kunal23/08/20072
notun nodiDefensive23/08/20073
kothai bhalobashaDefensive21/08/20073
Madhyamik 1988 batch.....sob kothae?Arindam19/08/200710
aro kobitar jonnoDefensive18/08/20072
friendship daySunnetra06/08/20074
1990 Madhyamik / 92 HSSusmita02/08/20073
Reunion for '81 & '82 - Madhyamik Batch ONLY!! 10 June - Fort William (Top Hall)Sandeep15/07/20079
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