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Fellow members are requested not to open a thread on another member. Not all members are comfortable with an online discussion going on about him / her without his / her consent. Any such thread runs the risk of deletion without prior intimation.
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reporting from BangaloreSourish02/02/200818
jodi karor spouse ex pointer na hoi?Sunnetra01/02/200828
Re-Union in DelhiDebashis31/01/20082
Reunion PhotosSandeep30/01/20089
jhope jhare ashnai korli?Defensive28/01/200812
boi er kothaDefensive28/01/200815
jodi karur table er paya norbor koreDefensive24/01/20087
Rendezvous 2008NEELADRI24/01/200824
A brief report of Rendezvous 2008Anindya22/01/20083
RENDEZVOUS 2008 HANGOVERSunnetra22/01/200815
ROCK ' ROLL IN MUMBAI!!!!Romita21/01/20082
Any pointers in New York/New JerseyAnindya19/01/20081
Reunion Updates: Shital Da's canteen + Chakradhar da's hozmi stalls at reunion !!Sandeep18/01/200815
for those of us who live outside much do we miss calcutta???prosenjit18/01/200816
Announcement: Annual Reunion: 19th Jan 2008 (Sat)Sandeep16/01/200838
Pointers in Croydon,SurreySoumyajit15/01/20086
New ICC Rules for CricketSUBHADIP15/01/20081
loking out for pointers in punesaurov14/01/20086
From Website Admin: Invalid email Ids alertsSandeep12/01/20083
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