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Subrata Sen, India
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Aritra Chakraborty, India
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Surja De, Poland
Guys and Gals,
Me the only famous guy for mischieviousness.
Remember me ??
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Swagato Kar
Simple Living.....High Thinking!!!!!
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Agniv Adhikari, India
Nothing much...just life as usual
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Tumpa Bhattacharyya
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Suvodip Dasgupta
I was quite an inconspicuous person in school, so i think, none but my close friends only will remember me.
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Sayantani Sengupta
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Saurabh Minni
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kushan ray bardhan, India
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Pranjal Ray, United States
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Gaurav Sengupta, Singapore
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Debdip Ghatak, United States
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Deepanjan Mitra, India
I'm Raphus cucullatus in orkut.
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Sumit Tandon, United States
Graduated from SPHS in 2000, did my Electrical Engg from JU and right now I am in University of Texas at Arlington, doing MS in Electrical Engg. Will graduate in August 2007.
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Saurav Chatterjee
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Seetharam Narasimhan, United States
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Jayeeta Banerjee Mukherjee, United States
I am very friendly which does not play in my favor all the time. Overly sensitive, caring. Talkative to the extent of being called a sweet chatterbox sometimes.

I trust people on their facevalue and often get hurt...but somehow, somewhere down the line, I see their real color and I KICK them out of my life...with some remorse, remorse that a human being can fall so low...why is honesty so lacking in this society? Then I think about my treasured friends, my husband and my sons and I smile again... I know that the world does have her share of filth but there are angels in this earth as well...and it is b'cos of these filths that we adore the angels in our lives as much as we do...

I love to dream. Dreaming keeps me sailing through life. I believe in waking up and chasing those dreams---I believe in reaching for the moon! And if I cannot reach, I am happy, because I am amongst the stars then. I love life, I love laughter, I love to cry and forget and forgive. I am a happy-go-lucky person who strongly believes that "LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BURY IT IN SORROWS"...I believe in picking up my pieces and moving on...IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMON, MAKE LEMONADE...simple, right?

Taking care of the home front is my main job description...BTW I do work outside the walls of my house as well...believe me that job is nothing compared to my day-to-day labor (of love) my job I get paid to play with numbers and financial reports and occasional orkutting too.


Work is much easier than managing the home front...I just have to play with numbers.

Making delicious food for my three men, cleaning up after them, trying to keep the toilet seat down (I do succeed for a split second once in a while), crying and screaming just to get noticed and heard...
What else???I can add numbers as well...that is why I am an accountant.
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this is sayantan
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subham dasgupta, India
in school, i was this total gablu gublu goody goody boy...academic till 10, but it happens, couldnt grip the 11-12 pressure, and slid down the academic graph..yet, i was one of those "first bench lovers"..
[for those who r ignorant, let me inform classes 11-12C,D,E..those huge classroom..first bench is a heaven for mischief makers..coz the teachers devote all their attention to the last...]
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