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Pradipto Goswamee, United Kingdom
Relaxed, happy going as ever.
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Promit Lahiri, India
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malini bhattacharjee
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Madhushalini N, India
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Raibatak Chatterjee
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somdatta banerjee, India
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Supratik Chatterjee, India
Supratik Chatterjee started his musical journey in tabla at a tender age of six under his father who then took him to the doyen of Indian Classical Music ,the legend Pt. Shankar Ghosh when he was seven.He is under his tutelage for the past 14 years now. He is also influenced by his maternal grandfather,a disciple of the legendary Pt.Ravi Shankar. His first public performance was at the age of nine and took part in various talent-search competitions in the state.
He has performed tabla solo & accompaniment in different dias in and around Kolkata.
Stood 1st in Paschimbanga Rajya Sangeet Academy talent search competition on 15.1.10
Stood 1st in Doverlane Music Talent Search Contest on 6.1.10.
Awarded the Provat Kumar Das Memorial trophy.
Felicitated by Kamal Gupta Memorial Foundation as "the young talent of India" on 12th Feb,2010.
Stood 1st in the senior group in Guru Jnan Prakash Ghosh Memorial Foudation talent search competition on 22.12.02
Awarded "Sangeet Piyasi" Scholarship on 29.07.02
Stood 1st in Maya Mitra Music Competition for the junior group on 26.1.03 & for the senior group on 28.12.08
Stood 1st in inter-school music competition "Eduvision & Impulse" hosted by B.D.Memorial Institute
Performed Tabla Solo at ITC Sangeet Research Academy,at Niranjan Sadan organized by Spandan Art Academy, at Rabindra Bhavan,Diamond Harbour hosted by Sadhana Music Circle, at Kala Mandir organized by Guru Jnan Prakash Ghosh Memorial Foudation, at Aurobindo Institute of Culture, at CLT to name a few.
Accompanied musicians at Birla Academy organized by Nandan Music Circle,at University of Women's Association of Kolkata, at Rabindra Bhavan by Dakhini Music Circle at Sangeetacharya Radhika Mohan Maitraya Music Conference, at Eclecia- annual fest at Heritage Institute of Technology, at Bengal Engineering & Science University, Sibpur, at Bosepukur Sarbojonin Durgatsov.

He was invited by Bharatiya Sanskriti Parisad to present a tabla solo in a c
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Shomik Ghosh
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Sourav Bishnu, India
as for 'bout me' .. i cud tell u a lot..coz i hv a bad habit of thinking a lot..but for now i guess this wud help.. " its not wat i do..but wat i'm within, defines me! "
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Sourav Adhikari, India
A carbon based bipedal life form.... a decendant of an ape.... More specifically, im in the early twenties, fat & shabby...leading a null & void life.....
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saurav basak, India
i only talk with da girls who r sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy
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soumyajit mallick, India
nothing much... but again a lot... better left to be discovered!!
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Ranabir Ray, India
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I am funloving person who b livs in livin life 2 da fullest
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Anupam Roy, United Kingdom
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Avirup Guha Roy, India
The makers, the movers, the marvelous leaders of this world – some great years of history, achievements; of saints and confidante, kings and commoners – the beautiful and the heroic. Some are of science, finance, industry; some creative; others lead the way to new adventure for the coming generations. All are leaders, who left an imprint.

Traversing in the circle of life for the last 30 years, born on 3rd January 1978. At times, enduring excruciating pains and at times witnessing joyous moments. Schooling, at South Point High School, was a pain, as I sometimes say, which has now become a welcome refuge. In this world where parrot – like mug pots are considered to be geniuses, I consider myself to be just a “ half - literate ignorant crackpot”. Well so was Columbus before he discovered the world is round.

Outwardly, my life can be divided into four periods – childhood and youth; a period of uncertainty, of storm and stresses including my life at South City College; my activities as an ardent member of the Rotaract movement in RI District 3290; my professional life starting with my association with Price Waterhouse Coopers for four years, thereafter at American Express Bank and more recent but significant period of finding myself and my work in STAR TV.

When one has outlined these four periods, he has told almost all that can be told of a life which is marked by events and not by spiritual experiences. I do not hesitate to admit that I am lost. I prefer nature rather than a high profile job, that high – end Lexus; a woman by my side bright enough to qualify as a trophy girlfriend. I am never embarrassed to say “ I don’t say”. Although I have a certain amount of air of mystery around myself, ………but that never harmed!!!
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Dhrubajyoti Chaudhuri, India
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Avik Kr. Mitra, India
"u can take a 'pointer' out of 'Point', but it is impossible 2 take the 'Point' out of a 'pointer'"-after leaving sphs i realised i cant stay without my old friends teachers especially my good old south point.i will stay connected with u my school till the end of time...i love u.......south point.
Life is now full of work but i really miss those days at the school.
After so many years i realise that studies is the only thing a person can do without tension & stress...
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Pulokesh Karmakar, India
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saurabh gupta, India
tell u later.
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